Rather than trying to negotiate “harder”, I focus on finding the “smarter” potentials, often disguised as waste and inefficiency within the own organization, rather than with the vendor.

Interim Management

With extensive experience in executive procurement roles, I am best suited ensure continuity while you find a permanent solution, enabling your current procurement organizations for the next steps.

Business Development

With more than 15 years of Experiência Brasil, I can ensure a much higher success rate in helping you find the correct path in establishing yourself in Brazil.

I was globally raised and broadly educated, am an internationally experienced, multi-lingual executive, with a functional focus in procurement and supply-chain management with extensive experience in business strategy design and implementation, preferring a collaborarive working style.


"... Neven does not only possess an impressive subject matter expertise and brilliant intellect, his qualities stretch far beyond that in the ability to communicate, adapt, reflect philosophically to challenges and issues and all this with a warm heart..."

Mattias Larsson
EVP - SCM and Global Procurement at Kapsch TrafficCom AG

"With his high level of analytical, functional and emotional skills, Neven’s commitment to the success of procurement at our company significantly exceeded of what I would ever expect from an interim manager and consultant. "

Daniel Weber
Head of Global SCM, DAW SE

"We were very happy with Neven’s performance in our worldwide Purchasing Project. His relevant experience combined with his social capabilities and his resultsorientation helped us significantly to achieve our project goals."

Dr. Ansgar Nonn
CEO, William Prym Holding

"Neven is a results-oriented strategic thinker with a very broad international perspective and an amazing cultural adaptability due to his excellent language and cooperation skills."

Herbert Forker
CEO, Siegwerk

"Our project work for advancing a global procurement organization was shaped by a truly collaborative approach. Taking the organization along in that process, Neven activated the whole team to embrace new ideas and move towards new goals."

Iris Herrmann
Partner, Strategy&

“Neven was a major driver and manager in our M+A activities during our business development and going to market in Brazil. With his cultural and working background from Europe as well as from South America he gave excellent guidance to our German-Brazilian team.”

Dr. Marcus Schüller
Former Partner, BrainNet

"The Neven I know is a man of reason, of dialogue, yet discrete, very professional and endowed with a strong sense of ethics.”

Rik Guns
CCO, Indulor Chemie GmbH

“While I was Founding Partner at BrainNet, Neven‘s Brazilian market skills were essential to realizing our Joint Venture in Brazil.”

Thorsten M. Schiefer
CEO SlateNetwork Group – formerly Founding Partner BrainNet & Equity Partner KPMG

“We were able to experience Mr. Bartel at a major sales meeting at the highest leadership level, which he moderated. Mr. Bartel lead through this very tense meeting with a high degree of assurance, ensuring a successful negotiation.”

Birgit Kochen Schmidt-Eych / Ralf Angermeyer
Managing Partners, Alfred Kochen GmbH & Co. KG

"If you are looking for an Interim Leader or Consultant to help you deliver results, please consider Neven. He's a pleasure to work with and is really top of his class."

Dan Norenberg
CEO, Dan Norenburg Executive Ownershift

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