• Chemical Speciality Interim-CPO

    Germany (2019/2020) – Acted as Sr. Category Manager and later CPO of a family-owned speciality chemicals company and market leader, advancing the procurement excellence agenda and navigating procurement through the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Chemical Carve-Out Advisory

    Germany (2019) – For a chemical carve-out of a global chemical company, acted as senior advisor in defining the new procurement organization.

  • Chemical Distribution in Brazil

    São Paulo/Shanghai/New Delhi (2018/19) – For the setup of a chemical distribution company in Brazil, provide sourcing intelligence and contacts to China and India, support in supplier qualification and sourcing process.

  • HK Trading Company Cost Down

    Hong Kong and Guandong (2018/19) – Lead of a procurement and operations cost down program for a b2b trading company in the fashion industry, including make vs buy, logistics optimization, renegotiation with major vendors and restructuring of the local procurement organization.

  • European Consumer Goods Cost Down

    Eastern Europe (2018) – Lead of a procurement and operations cost down program for the local entity of a global conglomerate, including waste reduction, outsourcing of non-core activities and logistics optimization.

  • Director Global Purchasing

    Cologne Area, Germany (2012-2018) – CPO at Siegwerk, a leading global ink manufacturer (member of the Global Leadership Team), reporting to the CFO. Strategic responsibility for >450m EUR annual direct and >150m EUR annual indirect spend, 3 direct and 5 indirect reports – ca. 50 people in total organization.

  • LATAM Regional Purchasing Head

    São Paulo, Brazil (2009-2012) – Purchasing Head at the subsidiary of Siegwerk, a global ink manufacturer (Member of the regional management team), reporting to the Head of South America. 6 direct reports, 4 indirect reports (country purchasing heads), total staff of 10 and 40m EUR TP annual spend managed.

  • Brazil SCM Manager

    São Paulo, Brazil (2009-2011) – SCM Manager at the Brazil subsidiary of Siegwerk, a global ink manufacturer, reporting to the MD Brazil. 4 direct reports, total staff of 45. Key successes: DIO improvement with reduced inventory adjustments, better production utilization, major customer site transfer without disruption, reduced waste.

  • Business Development Manager Brazil

    São Paulo, Brazil (2010-2011) – As project lead, managed interview process of likely customers for printing inks on the market potential and requirements. Coached local team in market survey, basic finance and cost structure analysis. Supported generation of annualized STNC of >6m USD in 24 months (previously near nil).

  • Brazil M&A Due Dilligence

    São Paulo, Brazil (2010-2012+) – Local lead in the Due Dilligence for the acquisition of a Brazilian competitor of Siegwerk also acting as liaison to head office. Furthermore operationally responsible for SCM and Purchasing streams and HS&E audits of two sites of the target.

  • Brazil Local Entity Turnaround

    São Paulo, Brazil (2008-2012) – As local manager conducted turnaround with Siegwerk Brazil MD, regional CFO and regional VP. Moved EBITDA from negative to break-even with positive sales. Reorganized structure supported hiring of local management team. Accompanied transfer from toll-manufacturing agreement to own production.

  • Development of Global Innovation Unit

    Annemasse, France (2011-2012) – As project lead worked with the Siegwerk VP of Innovation in setting up a business plan for innovation. Prepared a P&L for the unit for the setup of operations in India and China with subsequent global roll-out with further operations in Brazil, USA, and Russia.

  • Business Development in Asia

    Singapore and Shanghai (2010-2011) – As project lead managed market-survey team in interviewing packaging companies in China, India and SEA on the market potential for tobacco and labels inks. Prepared five-year business plan with full P&L. Project generated CAGR at 4x market levels at improved margins.

  • Business Development in China

    Shanghai, China (2007-2009) – As project lead managed Pan-Asia team in interviewing customers on the market potential for flexible packaging inks. Prepared five-year plan with full P&L. Business generated CAGR at double market levels at improved margins. Rolled out template for future strategic initiatives in emerging markets.

  • New site in Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007-2008) – Responsible for project controlling with global engineering and corporate financial controlling on the construction (time and costs) of the new primary site for South America in Argentina. Prepared decision papers for the Board and made suggestions for project improvement. Completed with go-live of site.

  • Project Manager to CEO

    Cologne Area, Germany (2007-2009) – Project Manager to the CEO at Siegwerk, a global packaging and publication ink manufacturer, reporting to the CEO.

  • Senior Consultant

    Cologne Area, Germany (2002-2006) – Senior Consultant at a management consultancy (13 major projects with German and European scope) specializing in procurement, including cost cutting, reorganization, implementation of purchasing strategy and others.

  • Advisor in Brazil M&A

    São Paulo, Brazil (2010-2011) – As advisor to BrainNet, supported process leading acquiring Webb do Brasil with >100 employees and >10m EUR turnover. Provided business intelligence on purchasing/SCM consulting and established initial contacts and was responsible for liaison between local entity and central HQ.

  • Global Purchasing Excellence Program

    Cologne Area, Germany (2012-2014) – Redefined the purchasing strategy for Siegwerk. Initiated a raw material cost program, extended payment terms, reduced risk, upgraded purchasing & executed a generational change, transforming purchasing from transactional to business partner. Defined strategies for key raw materials and introduced asia sourcing.

  • Global SAP Roll-Out Spokesperson

    Cologne Area, Germany (2012-2018) – At Siegwerk directly responsible for the purchasing stream of the SAP Roll-Out and business spokesperson to the SAP Roll-Out team and Board of Management. Successful SAP-Roll-Out in 12 countries in five years. Harmonization of purchasing tools and integrating these into the upgraded IT-landscape.

  • European Health Care Dost Down

    Southern Germany (2006) – Defined and implemented savings in indirect spend of procurement and acted as team leader of several international savings teams at leading provider of healthcare products.

  • German Utilities Cost Down

    Ruhr Area, Germany (2004-2006) – As consultant defined and implemented cost down program, created strategies for key categories and ran supplier cost structure analyses. Defined a new approach for tendering a bulk of all civil engineering services in Germany and supported the tendering process at a „Top 3“ Utilities company in Germany.

  • German Utility E-Procurement Strategy

    Cologne Area, Germany (2004-2005) – As consultant analysed procurement categories and created a business case for introducing e-procurement for a customer of a major electronic marketplace, coached and consulted client throughout the project execution.

  • German Chemicals PMI Cost Down

    Frankfurt Area, Germany (2005) – Wrote a business case for the implementation of savings, supporting the creation of a central procurement organization and moderating the process in a post-merger environment.

  • German Chemical Services Change Management

    Cologne Area, Germany (2004) – Moderated events (Vision, Mission, Strategy) for >1000 employees of all hierarchy-levels at a shared-maintenance service center of a global chemicals conglomerate and coached management in presentation of Vision, Mission, Strategy to employees.

  • European Machinery Cost Savings Design

    Western Germany (2003) – Wrote a business case for savings in indirect procurement with the design of an implementation plan for the six company units in a post-merger environment for a fine-machinery manufacturer.

  • German Utilities Cost Down

    Berlin, Germany (2003) – Defined >25m € in savings in procurement and design a strategy for a central procurement organization of a „Top 3“ German Utilities Company.

  • German Automotive Procurement Strategy

    Western Germany (2003) – Wrote a business case with management for a new procurement strategy for presentation to the company management of a major supplier into the automotive industry.

  • European Airline Cost Down

    Frankfurt, Germany (2002-2003) – Defined and designed strategy, standards, and processes for centralized contract management. Setup aircraft-based cost-controlling concept spanning four airlines in three countries. Defined a model process and guideline for all aircraft-related procurement. Generated significant cost-down.

  • European Pharma Procurement Controlling

    Southern Germany (2002) – Created procurement standing orders for a pan-European parallel trade system and drafted a supplier procurement-controlling database for all European subsidiaries.

  • Germany Chemical Carve-Out Strategy

    Cologne Area, Germany (2003) – Created scenarios for spinning off an internal service provider of a global chemical conglomerate.

  • EMEA Interim Purchasing Head

    Cologne Area, Germany (2012) – Acted as Siegwerk Interim Regional Purchasing Head in EMEA during search for new head.

  • ASIA Interim Purchasing Head

    Shanghai, China (2015) Acted as Siegwerk Interim Regional Purchasing Head in ASIA during search for new head.

  • LATAM Interim Purchasing Head

    São Paulo, Brazil (2017-2018) Acted as Siegwerk Interim Regional Purchasing Head in LATAM during transformation of region to a cluster organization.